Fanny’s Restaurant To Open In Academy Museum This September

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ namesake museum has announced the information related to its Fanny’s restaurant cum café’s opening. It would happen as the much-awaited museum opens on the last day of September 2021.


Restaurateurs Carl Schuster and Bill Chait have teamed up with the donor of the museum, namely Wendy Stark. As per a recent press release, Stark named that restaurant after her actor grandmother Fanny Brice. For your information, Barbra Streisand played Fanny Brice for her Academy Award-winning turn in 1968’s Funny Girl.


Commune Design designed the two-floored space housed in the so-called Saban Building. On the other hand, a company named Wolfgang Puck would manage the museum’s catering services. The big real estate space uses Osvaldo Maiozzi’s architectural conceptualization. Commune Design’s art deco style of architecture for the property is known as Streamline Moderne.


The Saban Building’s former version, namely the May Company Building, was home to a namesake, Miracle Mile department store born about when Brice was an emerging star.


The restaurant’s dining area would have a combination of communal and small group tables, with a market space for prepared food items that would lead to its main dining space. That dining room has a bar with art deco architectural style, plus a lounge area with curved booths.


In the space are local artists’ work, sheer curtains from Adam Pogue, and custom-made light fixtures from Atelier de Troupe. LA illustrator cum artist Konstantin Kakanias was commissioned to make a mural to be put in the restaurant’s main dining space. That wraparound mural celebrates the Hollywood industry’s music and film legends.


Fanny’s Restaurant has a seating capacity for 250 people, and it will open weeklong for all three meals, with just brunch for the weekends. Its facility for private events and terrace on the highest level can seat 600 guests.