About Cobi’s Curries, LA’s New Food Delivery And Takeout Destination

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New Zealand chef named Lance Mueller and Australian curry fan Cobi Marsh have started a curry restaurant in California’s West Hollywood city. Cobi’s Curries has a menu that specializes in conventional curries from many different parts of the globe.

The business concept behind the curry house is that the antioxidant spice blend used is supposed to be not only delicious but medicinal as well. That medicinal aspect is possible due to the relation of spices to Ayurveda, an alternative medicine form developed centuries ago in India.

Cobi’s Curries Menu Items

Open for both delivery and takeout, plus outdoor dining, Cobi Curries’ menu has comprehensive details about the health perks of the components in every single curry. Its African curry can be comforting thanks to the product’s peanuts, coconut cream, peppers, paprika, and blackened peppers. Every curry of the restaurant has shrimp, chicken, or beef protein.

The butter chicken is an excellent item, which can even be better if you reheat it the day after its purchase. For the uninitiated, the Indian dish is a creamy combination of fenugreek, organic chicken, ginger, garlic, cumin, turmeric, asafoetida, coriander seeds, and onions.

Do you like hot food? If yes, check out The Devil, a Malaysian product made with organic chicken, fresh and dried chilis, lemongrass, galangal, onions, shrimp paste, mustard seeds, and vinegar. Some of the purported health advantages of the product are preventing tumors and cancer, as well as alleviating muscle pain.

Consider ordering the dal, too, a supplement to your curries, plus a boiled rice variety including royal, jasmine, and brown basmati. The curry house also has garlic naan and noodles that come warm, plus various homemade sauces and raita to cool you down.

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